Try not to follow the herd

When I first got into sports betting, I was like most people: I would follow the crowd and bet on the popular teams. This didn’t work out so well for me, as I quickly lost a lot of money. It was only when I started to look at things from a contrarian perspective that I began to make money betting on sports.

What this means is that instead of following the herd and betting on popular teams, I would look for underdogs that were being underestimated by the general public. And more often than not, these underdog teams would end up winning their games.

This doesn’t mean I take every underdog for the sake of going against everyone else but if everyone if piling on one side I get skeptical.

The majority of people around us are flighty and make poor decisions based off emotions. I learned about the betting market and how to use it to my advantage. The herd is reactionary – they panic when things go wrong (like an injury) and get overconfident when things are going well (when a team on a win streak ). As a contrarian, I learned to to watch the herd to not fall in traps

Since applying my new strategy, I’ve been profitable betting on sports. I want to share with you how to stay away from the herd mentality and make money betting on sports.

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